Hello, I’m Natalia, a proud working single mama of one amazing boy and another one that is on its way to meet us soon. I rarely go through a day without coffee and a piece of chocolate. I enjoy motivational books and full of good spirits social media contents. I start my day with a quick self-shower talk to set the intention for a day. I go through the day with few reminders on my phone of who I want to be and how I want to show up for people.

I work in finance, in fast pace environment when small mistake might cost a lot of money. Often stressful place to be but mostly fascinating.

I believe in red lipstick, red nail polish, and of course red roses.

I’ve got one precious son and another one on its way. Oh and an awesomey goofy dog. Keeping work-life balance is crazy ladies since life is never calm nor balanced again. It runs and sometimes it is so hard to keep up with it but you know what my trick is? I find every task, every commitment, every bus ride, every dinner or breakfast making, every dog walk and pretty much every everything as a list of blessings. These are all things to make me happy and I try to make the best out of them. Frustrated in the bus on the busy morning? Meh, not me, not today and not tomorrow. Committed to happiness. On my own and in my own way.

The Rocket Mom started because as I became single and was looking for a supportive, motivated and happy tribe of woman to show the beauty in the life on their own and I couldn’t find any of what I have a need for. I want to embrace my past, not by talking over and over again about it but by moving on and creating memories worth treasuring. Not only I want to see the sunshine every morning, even if behind the clouds, but I do want to intentionally bring that sunshine to my and your and many other people I come across daily lives.

I hope you find this place as your resting spot. Place where you can be who you are with no judgement, no criticism and no discrimination. Place when we can laugh but also support one another in this beautiful journey called Life. I dream about this place to become a tribe of strong and empowered women that together can reach for the sky.

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