Week 1 – Meditation Challenge

I feel lifted.

Hi friends, so I’m happy to report that today rings my very first week of daily meditation practice. Woohoo. I made this far so I’m very positive I can make another 51 as well 😉

For those who didn’t read my 365-day meditation challenge intro post (you can find it here), I committed myself to 20 mins daily meditation for a full year and I want to document my journey and hopefully encourage somebody to join me.

I did a variety of different mediation this week. Let me list them here:

Day 1 – I invited my spiritual guide (to those who don’t know what I talk about I encourage you to read “Super Attractor” by Gabrielle Bernstein) to join me for a meditation and I did inhale/exhale practice for most. To inhale I repeated – “I’m safe” and exhale I repeated – “I feel supported”. I didn’t plan to say those particular sentences but they came out so naturally so I just went with it. I felt good afterwards.

Day 2 – I went for quite time, breathing 5-5-5 (5 seconds in, 5 seconds hold, 5 seconds out) for the first 10 mins and then for the reminder I did 10 mins guided meditation to attract money and abundance. I have been doing that guided mediation for a little bit now. Here is a link to my favorite one. Btw, if you haven’t tried to manifest money yet then you should definitely get into this practice. Manifest $10 tomorrow, you will be amazed what happens.

Day 3 – I did manifestation through visualization. I pictured in details how I would like a day when I pick up keys to my own house look like. I imagined who will be there with me, what I am going to wear, what I do, what we eat and drink to celebrate. Every single detail.

Day 4 – I did guided mediation available on the podcast called “Mindful in Minutes”.

Day 5 – Oh, I’m smiling think of it… I did loving kindness meditation. One of my favorites. It feels so good to shower people with love, kindness and good wishes. It’s an easy one for me to do. First, you pick a person that is so easy for you to love and you bless that person saying “May you be happy and free from suffering.” Then, you pick a person that you have neutral feelings towards. Person you don’t know much about, what they go though, like a coworker at work or cashier in your local store and you say the same blessing. Then, you pick up a person that you are in a difficult relationship with (only if you ready to shower that person with some love, if not – don’t force it) and you repeat the same blessing. Then you pick all the living in this world – people and animals – and you bless them all. To me, this meditation is very powerful and raised a lot of awareness to be sensitive and kind to other people. For the next week I decided to introduce this meditation into my morning routine so I can start my days with awareness that people I might come across are straggling and I should be kind. Also, I just want to carry that kind and loving energy with me towards all people and animals during the whole day, it really feels good to me to feel that way.

Day 6 – I did a walking mediation on Headspace app and again a guided meditation to attract money and abundance.

Day 7 – As it is Sunday, as I am writing it. I did guided meditation (money and abundance) and a visualization of my whole coming week. My home, how I want to show up as a mommy to my boys, what I what to do with them, my workouts, my meals, my massage appointment I have for tomorrow!, and my work – how I want to show up for my coworkers and what I want to achieve this week. I’m ready to face this coming week. I feel motivated and empowered.

This first week was interesting. I definitely approached with with curiosity and open mind. I feel good. I feel balanced. I feel lifted. I want to continue to feel this way so week 2 – let’s go!

Until then, may you have a good week, be happy and free from suffering! Love, Natalia.

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