365-days Meditation Challenge

On January 9, 2022 I committed myself to 365 days of daily meditation. As a starter, I decided to spend 20 mins a day meditating. Today it seems like a lot but I’m hoping it will increase with time. The more I do it, the easier it gets, the better I feel the more time I want to spend on this -> that’s my hope.

For a little while now I have been fascinated by the art of meditation and stories of people who practice meditation on the daily basis, for whom it became a way of living. There is only a positive feedback they share. There is peace and balance in the way they carry and describe themselves and their lives. I want that. I have a deep desire to reach that balanced stage within me and in my life. I don’t have that yet. So I decided to take on this daily meditation journey and see where it gets me.

But before I committed myself to this challenge I tried to find a blog or a person that would share their daily meditation experience. Like from a beginner to where they are now – how was the process, what difficulties they encountered, and what they found. Like I wanted to find one person that will share the process of getting from a place of a complete distraction when thinking of sitting quiet for 20 mins seems absurd to the place when it might feel like the only way to continue to live. I couldn’t find anybody sharing that online so I decided to document my journey.

Wish me luck and send some love my way!

And if you want, I would love nothing more than you joining me, even for a day, or maybe few weeks or a couple of months or the whole time. There is a power in community so feel free to reach out if you feel calling for this.

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